How I dream about my life 5years from now!

We all remember the year 2020 and the havoc it brought into our lives but Taniya Chakraborty was having quite a comfortable life with a stable job doing sales at one of India’s top company with a decent salary but it still failed to make her happy, her “creative keeda” was hungry for something else.

The first seed of Digital marketing was planted in her head by one of her professors in her MBA class where they were given the assignment to run a Facebook ad. So after her experience in sales, she chose the time of pandemic to quit her job and concentrate full time into Digital Marketing against her family and friends’ wishes. She knew one thing that this pandemic will surge the demand for Digital Marketing so with whatever savings she had she joined the course of one of Asia’s biggest Digital Marketers whom she has always considered her guru to date, Mr. Deepak Kanakraju. And from there she has never looked back. Each day she thanks herself to have gathered the courage at a time when the world was falling apart and used that opportunity to build her own empire!

She started her first blog in painting which now sells paintings worth crores. She gives budding artists a platform to display and sell their paintings. She has also mentored more than 1million artists all around the globe how to use Digital Marketing to promote their talents and make a profitable career out of their paintings. Taniya is now the owner of India’s top Digital Marketing agency “______” having offices all over India, which also gives employment to 1500 candidates handpicked by her every year within whom she sees the same spark and hunger and trains them to become the best versions of themselves and this is the reason behind the success of her agency. She has clients spanning all over the globe. She is known as the woman with a magic wand who can upscale any business. Being a public speaker she has also been invited to various TEDTalks and has also shared her piece of experience with the students of Harvard Business School and London Business school. Taniya also featured in Forbes list of most successful entrepreneurs under the age of 30 2025.

Being at top of her game she admits that reading books written by various entrepreneurs has helped her, she has been an avid reader all her life.

Taniya always had this philanthropist side of her from a very young age and she wanted to give back to society so she has opened her own NGO named after her parents where she provides free education for all the children till they complete graduation. She teaches them herself and likes to spend time with them on Sundays.

Whenever she has free time which is a luxury for her nowadays, she likes to spend time with her family and goes for jogging with her dog.

Her advice for young marketers is that dream big and hustle, hustle, and hustle till you make it!

Note: (This is an assignment given during my internship with where we had to write where we see ourselves after 5years as a 2.0 version of ourselves)

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