Why Content Marketing is becoming a must for B2B?

“Don’t push people to where you want to be; meet them where they are”
– Meghan Keaney Anderson, VP Marketing, Hubspot

Are you in the B2B business space and you are seeing your competitors reap results that you are not able to catch on or are you experiencing a drastic shift in your customer profile? Well, then this post is for you!

By working in the B2B segment myself, I have been able to identify the pain points of these B2B players and the pain points are only increasing with the rapidly changing marketplace.

Let’s first understand what is Content Marketing and then how it will help our B2B businesses?!

Content Marketing

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Content Marketing is a type of ‘online’ marketing strategy that creates, shares and promotes its content in the form of blogs, videos, Infographics, social media, etc.

This is mainly done to arise curiosity among the customers and grab their attention to the company’s products and services.

With every passing day companies are including content marketing into their marketing strategy. Why?

Because your customers are online, your vendors are online, your competitors are online so it is no longer a choice to go online, it is a mandate otherwise you might become obsolete!

You might be thinking that acquiring customers by running Ads is enough but your competitor is also doing the same thing, How are you being different?

Providing value through content is a big differentiating factor for your business

Here are some of your problems that Content Marketing can solve!

  1. Helps you spread your story

Before selling your product or service you have to sell your story

Storytelling is THE most important skill to be a successful marketer! Every successful company in the world has an inspiring story behind it. Share it with people. It’s like blowing life into your product. Tell your customers the “why” behind your business. what pushed you to come so far, your struggles, your victories, and all the things that helped to shape your brand

This creates an emotional connection, show them how you are making a dent in the universe because business is not just about making money it’s about making a difference in people’s lives!

2. It is more affordable compared to other marketing activities

As compared to advertising content marketing is definitely more economical especially in B2B.

After a few months of consistent content creation, your content will start ranking in the search engines

Content marketing is 8–10 times cheaper to traditional marketing on TVCs and newspaper and also in content marketing, we can measure our ROI and many other metrics

3.Increases communication by engaging your customers directly

In B2B, people don’t do business on the basis of advertisements, they do business on the basis of long term relationships, trust, and word of mouth.

As your customers will like and share your content it will spread the “online” word of mouth since most of your customers’ hangout on social media, creating fresh content every day will create curiosity and increase their engagement with your brand.

This way you can observe and monitor their direct responses towards your brand that you can use as a checklist for creating more engaging content in the future.

4. Brand Visibility will increase

Consistency is important in content marketing. Content generation has to be regular because your customers are consuming thousand of posts regularly so if you are blogging only once a week or once in two weeks then your customer is likely to be unaware of you

Regular content generation not only keeps your brand name visible but it also increases brand retention.

With a decrease in the user’s attention span, it is becoming more and more important to make your presence felt that is why you have to knock on their timelines once every day to remind them that you are still there!

5. Your competitors are doing it!

Competitors getting your share of the business is the biggest pain point for any business

As mentioned above you have to go to your customers and not the other way round.

In today’s situation where there is cut-throat competition and customers becoming smarter day by day you cannot miss out on any opportunity to grab their eyeballs so if you don’t do it your competitors will

More and more entrepreneurs are adopting content marketing into their marketing plan and getting results

6. Giving facts and figures will increase the value delivered to your customers

The content that is created for the B2B is quite different than that of B2C. B2C content is mostly targeted towards striking the emotional chord of the customers

B2B content is on knowledge sharing mainly focusing on actual facts and figures about the business this ensures a rich exchange of knowledge with the customer by providing them with a deep value proposition which will in return help them to make informed decisions

Loyal customers are made this way!

7. Finally, High-quality lead generation

Content Marketing can be used as a lead magnet.

Solving customer query, interacting with them, sending them customized emails in your niche can help you in generating potential niche

Companies that use B2B Content Marketing strategy

  • Hubspot
  • Salesforce
  • SAP
  • General Electronics (GE)

How do they do it?

  • Podcasts
  • Video
  • Infographics
  • Blogs
  • Newsletters


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